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When it comes to health benefits, we leave no-one out

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When it comes to health benefits, we leave no-one out

Whether you are a small company or a large organization, we have the depth of knowledge and full range of group benefit products to meet your needs.

A comprehensive group insurance plan has many benefits. For employers, not only does it satisfy your employee’s need for security, but also it provides you with many advantages to help your business achieve its goals.

From our Langley, British Columbia offices, we serve businesses throughout the province with their employee benefits needs. As independent insurance brokers, we have access to a wide range of products. This gives us the flexibility to customize the right group benefits plan for your employees. Contact us for more.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides tax free death benefits for beneficiaries. Employee Term Life Insurance is available for each worker. Employee benefits can be offered as a range – for instance, from one to five times the annual salary – or they can be based on a flat amount. There are some attractive features to this benefit, including generous amounts available without medical evidence.

Accidental Death
& Dismemberment Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits come into play should death occur due to an accident. It is an ideal opportunity to provide you and your employees with an increased amount of insurance payable to beneficiaries, at minimal cost. Coverage for this benefit is usually equal to the amount of the application for Group Life Insurance.

Short & Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability benefits provide coverage for illness or injury occurring on or off the job. Long Term Disability benefits offer protection in situations where disease or injury prevents an employee from working for an extended period of time. This benefit provides a monthly income based on a percentage of earnings. A variety of options are available, allowing the plan to be tailored to your needs.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness benefits provide lump-sum cash, payable to an employee facing life-altering challenges through heart attack, stroke, cancer, and other grave circumstances.

Extended Health Care

Because life happens! Canada’s provincial health care plans provide us with basic hospital and medical coverage. An Extended Health Care plan includes coverage for expenses not available through government plans. This allows for coverage of expenses such as: Prescription drugs, paramedical services such as massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy, vision care, ambulance services, travel insurance, and hearing aids.

Dental Care & Orthodontics

Every dental plan offers a wide variety of options to suit your company’s needs. Some plans may have coinsurance options, which allow the employees to share the costs. There are three tiers to dental coverage: Basic, Major and Orthodontics.

Group RRSP / Pension

Many companies are including Group RRSP / Pension plans in their employee benefits program as an incentive, to attract and retain quality employees. SGS has the experience to help you in developing a program suitable for your organization.

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